Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Funny Moments

1.  I can't help add to this blog a little something I read the other day. I picked up the mail and got a holiday card from my friend Kate who has been blessed with 3 gorgeous children.  On her photo card it reads  "Wishing you many full nights of sleep, peaceful car rides, and dinners free of meltdowns. - Ooppps!...That's what we're wishing for!"  - It's hilarious because it's true.  Thanks Katie for making me laugh as my kids were screaming in the car because they wanted a snack.  I know I'm not alone. Love it!

2. Stickers - Seriously. I know the kids love them, and I know they can spend some time playing with them (mine will only spend about 5 minutes). I get it. We spend tons on money trying to get the animal ones, the sea creature ones, the "princess" ones, the "hello kitty" ones - any cartoon stickers that they have taken an interest to.  But I am tired of picking up the odd stickers stuck on the table, the floor, the fridge, the oven, the computer.  And of course, the ones that are stuck are permanently stuck there because they use super glue when making them!  They are everywhere but in the sticker book.  Who thought giving stickers to toddlers was fun?

3.  A couple of weeks ago Olivia was playing with her bags and stuffing them with toys. We asked her where she was going and she said as-a-matter-of-factly "I'm going to KOREA!".  Ok then, bye!  It made us laugh so hard. We couldn't believe she said that.  I'm glad she knew where we went. hahahahha

4. The other night as I was putting Olivia to bed, we always say our goodnights to everyone. It does drag the sleep routine, but I think it calms her. All of a sudden she was saying "KAMSAMIDA (thank you in Korean) Mickey Mouse - and every stuffed animal she had.  Then proceeded to say "ANNEYONG HASEO (hello how are you? in Korean) Tasha! - and to all her toys".  Did we really drill it in to her that much while we were in Korea? hahhahahah

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