Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pyjama Party!

Last night we had a nice get together with some friends.  It was William's first gathering with our friends and he did amazingly well considering there were adults and kids all over the place.   Friends started to arrive around 4:30.  They kids looked totally cute in their pjs.  Earlier Olivia (right after she woke up from her afternoon nap) had a mild freak out because I was telling her to change into her pyjamas.  She was crying and refused to put it on. She must of thought she was being punished and had to go back to sleep.  Poor thing. She didn't quite understand the concept of a "pyjama" party.   Which is funny because most of the time when people come over the kids are usually in their pjs. I'm just too lazy to get them ready especially since it's such a CHORE to get them BOTH dressed!

Luckily the first guest to arrive was Nalina, and helped Olivia somewhat to calm down.  Then the doorbell kept ringing, and Olivia and William loved to flock to the door to see who was coming.  In my (teacher) mind, I thought there would be time to have a craft table - cereal necklaces. Ya...that wasn't going to happen. The cheesies were on the table and the kiddies just sat around the table devouring these treats. Oh well, next time!  :0P

We ordered pizza and had paper plates and plastic cups. It was the perfect "no-brainer" get together. After dinner, we let the kids loose to the playroom upstairs. So in the end, half of the kids and adults were upstairs and half were downstairs. It was perfect - everyone was safe and there was a good adult to child ratio. hahhahah.

It was a lot of fun. We were able to see friends that we hadn't see for awhile. We were able to catch up other friends and "vent" or chat about family life.  We love our Stittsville family.  They are awesome families and we are blessed to have their friendship and support. As the night progressed, William did wonderfully. No tantrum, no crying, no fighting over toys.  We're beginning to think he is like his sister - the social butterfly.  He was his charming self, played here and there, did the room. It was a great night, and I hope we will have plenty more.

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