Tuesday, January 26, 2010

3 Showers and a Baptism - Part 2

Shower #2
Date: Saturday, January 15, 2010. Place:  My sister's house.  Hosts: My sister Melissa and Mom (Tita B and Rowie)

The weekend before had been pretty exausting, so instead of driving up on Friday, we decided to drive up Saturday morning.  Don't know which is better, driving late in the evening but sleeping in the next morning, or sleeping in my own bed and then waking up early in the morning to drive.  Oh well, either way we were exhausted.

Got to my sister's around 11am and things were pretty much set up the night before. My sister's house had been transformed to this party house, with streamers, balloons, and signs everywhere. The chairs were lined all against the wall. They also had a nice display of "adoption" material for people to look at.  Be informed as I always say. :0)  Everyone had been frantically running around to get things ready.  There were boxes of dishes that needed to be set out. My mother did not believe in serving food in the foil pans or containers they came in. So they put everything on a special serving plate or dish.

Soon people arrived with gifts in hand, and it was all pretty exciting. I GOT MY FIRST DIAPER CAKE!  I had a lot of family come and some of my closest friends in the world.  My friend Judith, I mean..Dr. Manzon..heheh..drove with her hubby all the way from Cleveland OHIO for my shower, and then had to drive back the same day.  It was soo great to see them, even though it such a brief time. I was soooo happy and excited to see her!  Mich (and Bella of course!), Cheryl, and Maryann, Aileen(s), and Jen all came out to wish me well.  It was great to see all of them, because really when I have the time to come to Brampton, most of the time it's spent with family.  It really meant something to have them share this day with me.

Of course it wouldn't be a shower with games. My sister wanted to play the "measure my tummy" game.  Ugh.  And a game I thought was cute, "Who reads my blog?". hahaha  I got blindfolded and did up a diaper. Piece of cake! ;0)  I had to guess what size diaper Olivia would wear. Why are there 6 stages???  My mom made sure I had all my favourite things to eat - shumai, har gao, concinta, mocha cake etc. And... as a special surprise she made some of those tasty filipino treats - yemas.  Second batch yummier I think.

Then the gift opening, which was overwhelming already.  Speeches and thank you's. Too little time to catch up with everyone there.  So much to talk about and catch up.  I needed more one on one time with people. hahaha But the fact that we were all together, made all the difference.  All the women I loved (not all of them of course...) were all together celebrating the coming of another family member.  All these women waited and prayed with me for years that she would come into our lives.  Our prayers have been answered.  Olivia is so lucky to have them in her life.

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