Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Simplier Times

(This post was written on Dec. 26th.  Life got a bit crazy during the holidays. Surprising I know  :0) )

I love family gatherings. Yes..with big families there is always some sort of "drama". But this is what makes a family a strong family. We stick by each other through thick and thin. We learn from our past and we teach our children not to make the same mistakes.

This Christmas has been extra special for me because I got to spend time with family that I haven't seen for awhile. Family that brings so many memories for me. A family that has stories to share from their childhood. This Christmas my cousin came across old letters sent by my parents and grandmother to my aunt who just immigrated to Canada. They gave us a hint of how things were, how much hope they had of the promise of good fortune or a better life in Canada. I couldn't help be drawn to these letters and I hope I can read more. How different it was for my familygrowing up in Canada back then, full of great new experiences and full of experiences that I hope Olivia will never have to face. One of my cousins coined the phrase "simpler times". What does that mean? What are my hopes and dreams for my little one?   What do I want her to remember or learn from my past?  I guess everything and anything. I will have many stories to tell her.  I can't wait.

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