Sunday, January 24, 2010

3 Showers and a Baptism - part 1

 What an exciting 5 weeks! We went from finding out about Olivia, to the lawyers, then the holidays, and then the showers began.  This is the first weekend we have been in Ottawa since the holidays.  Our looks like a baby store exploded in the dining room, the hallway, the family room, and of course Olivia's room.  We really had no time to unpack and soak it all in...except for today.  Yesterday...we took a break for ourselves.  Strolled around Westboro, had a great dinner with some fine wine, and great conversations of what our life will be like in the next month.  Today (Sunday) was the last shower planned for me.  I was surrounded by great friends that have been there for me from the beginning of this journey and it seemed fitting that this was the last "party".  When I say they have been there for me, I mean...took over my class when I had to bolt for Dr.'s appts, comforted me when things we difficult, took care of me during my recovery from the ectopic, and generally supporting me and every way possible. I am going to talk about baby showers that were for me this time. Craziness!

Let's talk...showers.

Shower #1 - December 30th, St. Sauveur, Hosts - The Savard women - Mme Savard, Catherine, and Nadine

My first shower. Almost 4 weeks after we find out about our daughter.  The timing was perfect because Max and Nad and the kids were coming down from Moncton for the holidays.  But, I couldn't believe I was having one.  I was nervous about how I was feeling and not used to getting all the attention.  We arrived at the house early and found Mme. Savard preparing some smoked salmon.  Martin of course reminds her of my fish allergy.  That's where it gets interesting.  ;0) The women have planned a wonderful evening of wine and SUSHI.  Panic set it. hahah I have had sushi before so it wasn't a big deal.  However, they made extra sure that my plate was not tainted with raw fish.  A quick phone call to the restaurant and it was fixed.  Imagine however, Martin yelling "You better not have a reaction. I am not going to raise our daughter alone!!"  Sigh...he's so over dramatic.  In case of reaction...lots of water and Benedryll.  I was fine.  hahahha

It was a beautiful evening...the table, the food, the women.  Mme Savard had scooted me out earlier because she wanted the house to be perfectly decorated for the shower. Sure enough, it was short of anything perfect. Right down to the pink cupcakes the spelled out "BABY SHOWER".  The details on the table and extra baby stuff was totally cute. I've kept all the accents and some decorations for Olivia to put in her memory box.  Maybe one day she'll use them for her kids.  Slowly one by one, the girls arrived.  I haven't seen many of them for awhile so it had an extra special feel to it, like a reunion. It was such a relaxing and heart-warming night.

 Les boys came home after their night of hockey and wings, to find us women sitting around the dining table relaxed and laughing.  The crying was before. hehehe There was Audrey and Melo asleep on the couch exhausted. Olivia did get spoiled that night and the night after ;0). So this is how it feels.  It was everything I imagined it to be.  My first shower.  Thank you.

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