Monday, January 11, 2010

Marty touching base..Happy New Year!

Hi everyone, first, Happy New Year and all the best in 2010 to all.

I guess we need to get back on bringing you up to speed!..we know nothing! you are now up to speed! hahahahaha..(stole that one for Pink Panther 2)
Christmas Holidays where real crazy as you could all imagine..and most of you got a "live" update
But I do have to do a quick "dump" of info....(Mel will go in details later this week)
-We are still waiting for news on when we will be travelling.
-She got the package we sent to her for x-mas.(Yeah!)
-and...we should have updated pictures soon..(don't worry, we will post a few!)

As the "expected window" moves closer we are getting more and more excited and anxious to see our baby girl.

Thank you to all for making Christmas extra special this year, even if Olivia wasn't there physically with us she was clearly in spirit and on everyone's mind.
The joy and excitement from everyone around us and the love that she is already getting is out of this world!..not necessary to tell how much she got spoiled already!
All the love you already have for her was obvious with the generosity and thoughtfulness of your kind words and all your gifts
She is so much loved already by all of you, and that love was deeply felt by me and Mel.
Thank you so much to all for being part our journey as a family.

All the gifts where truly awesome, but (I don't want to make favorite), one gift that was given to Olivia, particularly touched me.....
Merci Audrey pour la belle carte que tu as fait pour Olivia.

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