Wednesday, March 3, 2010

7 days on Forever

Today marks the first week we became a "forever family".  7 days ago Olivia came into our arms and our bond has been stronger ever since.  After a week of "cocooning" ourselves as a family, meaning limiting interactions from outside family and friends, we decided to venture out into the real world and get her acquainted with her surroundings beyond home.  I would like to say our first real outing was yesterday. 

Yesterday, we bundle her up and pack her in the car.  She wasn't sure what was happening, and why the layers of clothes.  We fiddled around with the carseat and then we were off to Costco.  Sure enough, 2 minutes in the drive, she feel asleep.  She was asleep when we transfered her into the stroller (which she is not her favourite), she was asleep when we walked around Costco, and she was asleep on the drive back.  In fact, she continued sleeping for another 15 minutes at home.  Sigh.  Not a big accomplishment.

But today..... Today I ventured out on my own to Chapters.  I asked my friend Heather if she wanted to join me for a "quick" coffee and outing.  Sooo I got Olivia ready (right after her nap), put her in the car and off we went.  Again, she wasn't sure about the carseat and drive.  I didn't bother putting  her in the stroller when we got there, she wouldn't want to sit in it anyways.  When we got there she was wide awake and curious.  She meet Heather, Carson, and Ainsley with a hesitant stare and we walked in. Of course though, the Starbucks at Chapters was being renovated. Thankfully, Heather picked up our drinks at the Starbucks across the street :0).

We walked towards the back of the store to the Kidzone.  There I took her jacket off, and let her explore. It was fanatastic. She was amused to watch the other kids. Carson was gentle as ever.  She played along side of the kids at the train table, and enjoyed playing in the toy kitchen (which she dutifully stuck those toys in her mouth..ugh).  Anyways...all in all a very successful outing. Moving slowly, but positively.  Next time I will use the stroller.

Oopps...forgot to mention. While she was playing, she kind of slipped and banged her chubby adorable cheeks on the edge of a toy.  Yikess...She let out one of those silent screams and it only lasted 30 secs and she was fine.  That's our girl!  She's an "Irongirl" Martin would say. 

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  1. well done hon!!!!!!! you're almost an expert mom!!! proud of you both, you are an iron family,xoxoxoxo