Saturday, March 6, 2010

Second Wind

I don't know what happened...but everything went according to plan in the evening.  After our afternoon excursion, we came home and played. Then gave her dinner, and then she had quiet play time with daddy. Then it was time for bed. We gave her a bottle (which she drank till the end - yay!) and put on an Elmo DVD to put her to sleep.  Works like a charm. Anyways...she was fast asleep and so Martin decided to carry her upstairs and put her in her crib.  She woke up. But she wasn't half asleep she was WIDE awake.  Martin still carried Olivia upstairs hoping that he could put her back to bed in the crib.
But of course, as he laid her down, she began clapping her hands and laughing. Oh oh...not a good sign.  I's a great sign that she wants to play with Papa, but it meant that she was not going back to bed. She just came out of a power nap. hahahha  I laughed as I heard her screaming in delight and playing and poor Papa sighing in disbelief that she got her SECOND WIND.  Below is a picture of Martin TRYING to put her back to sleep.  :0)

And here is a picture of what happened next....back downstairs...sigh

One hour and a half later...


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