Monday, March 15, 2010


If you don't know by now but we've been having issues with changing O's clothes. She has this way of telling us that she doesn't want to put something on my straightening her arm and not letting it bend for us.  Then she bounces up and down so we can't get pants on. Sigh. If she could be in nothing but diapers all day she would be happy.  We especially can't wait till the warmer weather comes so we don't have to put on extra layers or jackets, mitts, and hats.  This weekend we went to Costco, and we were wondering why Olivia kept staring at Martin whenever he wears his hat.  We think we know now...

SHE WANTED TO WEAR IT!  And to Martin's excitement...she wanted to wear the Ironman cap.  She loved putting it on.  Figures.  Could it be that she just wants to wear sporty outfits????

Another issue is that Olivia is growing so fast (and by so much) we are moving through our 12 month clothing pretty quickly. Sigh.  Grandmama bought us a lovely designer Burberry shirt for Christmas. It was a 12 month.  Of course it would fit!  Wait a second, is that 12 month a European size or Canadian 12 month. Acutally, is it a KOREAN Formula feed 12 month size?

It's umm...kind of "snug" but dammit, it's Burberry and we will wear it (this week).

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  1. ACk! So cute! I love the Burberry shirt. The IRONMAN hat... not so much. :p