Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Different "March Break" this year

All these years teaching, I've always wanted to do something exciting and mememorable for March Break. Every year though I hum and hah about the heacaches of travelling during March Break. It's insanely busy, it's extremely expensive, and by the end of the trip I always think "Am I well rested to make it to the end of June?".  Sooo I haven't really done anything special for March Break. 

Actually for the first time last year, I did do something special with my family.  For my dad's 70th birthday, we went to Las Vegas.  It was a great trip. The hotel could have been better, but overall it was good food, great company, and we had lots of fun.  I remember though it was a week before that we got a call from Maria at Children's Bridge to say that "they" were ready to accept our application for adoption.

What did that mean?  We had just visited CB in December and she told us that we were on the waiting list for 2011. Now it was only 3 months later, March 2009, and she said we are ready to start the process. We couldn't believe it.  So I started off that March break full of anticipation of what the year will bring.  New hopes and new dreams.

1 year later...Our baby girl entered our hearts forever.  This year, I "celebrated" my March break with my family AND my daughter.  It's been a whirlwind year, and I still can't believe how our lives have changed in one year.  No it's not an exotic trip to Turks and Caicos but I'm having the best time of my life.

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