Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First Doctor's Appt - Ouch!

Well, even though Baby O didn't have an OHIP card yet, we made a doctor's appointment anyways. Piece of mind that she was gaining weight and was healthy.  We did the trek all the way to Orleans to my family doctor. We were hoping for a pediatrician but there is nobody available in Ottawa. could that be?  Anyways..that's another blog in itself. 

We made it down to the clinic in good time and Olivia slept all the way there in the car. YAY!  When we arrived she woke up and she was in a great mood. Sigh.  Little did she know what was in store for her.  When we got there, the office was buzzing with excitement.  Olivia was in her playful charming mood and won the hearts off the staff there.  We carried her into the nurses office to be weighed. We placed her on the scale...24lbs!  Surely, they were mistaken.  But the nurse concurred that Olivia was about 24lbs.  But Cheerios are 0 fat! Sigh..that's our girl.  Well, we were pleased that she was at a "good" weight.  This meant we could turn her carseat around!  Woohoo!  I was pretty anxious about the weight restrictions and age recommendation. But, even the doctor said it would be alright to turn her around. She was pretty sturdy. ahhahah  Next they measured her head and her length. All good. Breathe.  The nurse then carried her to another room where we had to wait for the doctor.

Dr. Moss came in soon after.  She did her thing. I dont' know what she was doing, listening here...feeling there. ???  I guess that's what you do in a check up?  She said everything seemed to be normal.  We did a quick review of her medicals from Korea and looked at the immunizations that she needed. Today Olivia would get 2 shots.  Oh oh.   We thanked her and we made plans to see her in a month time for another check-up.  The nurse came back with the two needles.  She made Martin hold on to her legs so they wouldn't wiggle and gave a shot in each leg.  Poor thing didn't know what hit her.  She was all smiley and then within seconds the shot of pain went through and she let out a scream. UGH. I have to say lasted all of 30 seconds.  Then she was fine.  Tough cookie. 

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  1. I just caught up on a couple weeks oof blogs. phew! reading your post made me exhausted! i don't know how you guys do it. it must be so tiring but probably the most rewarding thing ever. LOVE YOU GUYS TONS!