Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 1 in Korea with Olivia

The day could have started off at 1:30am this morning, but thankfully it took Miss O an hour to pass out again.  We woke up around 6:30ish and really tried hard to push it to 7am, but she was ready to go. We got up and you could tell she was dying to get out of bed and explore the room again.  She jumped out of bed, grabbed her Backyardigans friends and started to play. We took out some toast and started to plan our day.  First on the agenda, shower!  WE were sooo exchausted from our night before we just couldnt' bring ourselves to take a shower.  It felt so good this morning to start the day fresh and alive.


We got ready and went downstairs. We meet a nice lady and her daughter who is staying in the room next to ours.  The will be recieving their son this week too.  After talking to them, we went to find some much needed coffee.  Our first thought was Starbucks, but crazy enough in "coffee town" it was closed. Next stop, The Coffee and Bean Place. The first coffee shop we stopped at when we first came to Korea.  Now we were here with Olivia planning our events.  It was nothing like the relaxing morning we had 2 years ago. There was Miss Olivia already running around in the shop, jumping off the stairs. Good lord, are we going to make it today?  Part of it was trying not to get anymore scrapes or bruises on her before we meet with her foster parents on Tuesday. hahahhahah

After breakfast, we decided to head off to the Insadong. We hopped on the subway and quickly picked up where we left off. It really feels like we were here last month. Up and down those stairs to get to the stations - 1 parent holding tight to Olivia, the other parent holding on to the stroller.  Sigh.  Olivia loved the subway. She was totally fascinated.


We got off our stop and walked towards the this great pedestrian area with little shops and restaurants and of course coffee shops.  We thought this would be a great day for Olivia to walk around and explore - of course with a firm hand holding hers.

Then we went to the Changdeokgung Palace where Olivia was able run around free with no cars and it was relatively a safe area to play.  We came here too the last time we were here, but it was great to see Olivia go up and down the stairs of the palace, racing around the monuments - being just Olivia.

We went back to where we first saw our chinese zodiac pillars, and took pictures of Olivia with her sign (which is mine as well, the OX), and then took a picture of William's (which is Martin's sign as well. Coincidence?  It amazes us how we all fit into each other lives, and how things are just meant be.  Destiny brought us together as a family.  After the palace, we headed out for lunch.  We knew we didn't have much time before Olivia passes out. We needed to put some food into her.  We went back to the great pedestrian area we went to and found a great "coffee shop" and had a delicious meal.
At this restaurant Olivia had to go to the toilet.  Of course it would be the washroom that was fully high tech - Olivia's eyes widened when she saw all the buttons she could press!  Of course when she finished her business, we pressed the wrong button. We watched as a stick came out of the toilet and then after a second proceeded to spray a jet of water into the air. I screamed because we were getting all wet. I had to close the door because the water was spraying into the outside. Sigh. There was a nice puddle of water when we left.  I don't even know if we flushed that toilet.  I decided I could wait and find a normal toilet somewhere else.

 From then we went to Insadong and did the walking market.  Totally touristy, but fun for us. Not so much for Miss Olivia who had to sit in her stroller, and was also totally exhausted. But she managed well.  Thank goodness for the Korean show we watched outside. She totally was into it!  She loved watching these beautiful men and women in traditional costume pounding on the drums.  It was great.  We finally decided to head back, it was 4pm now, and she still didn't have a nap. She was too interested with everything going on around her to fall asleep. We made the decision to head back to the apartment so she could take a quick cat nap, and then head out for dinner later.  Screw the schedule. It'll be all messed up when we come back anyways. She needed to rest. 

So here we are, waiting to wake up Olivia.  This day was amazing.  Spending it with Olivia and going to all these sites with her just proved that we made the right decision in bringing her.  Now we are planning what to do for dinner. Tomorrow is our big day. Our meeting with William.  Butterflies in my stomach. I can't believe the day has come.  Fill in you in tomorrow.


  1. I am excited to hear about your first meeting tomorrow! Thanks for sharing your travel adventures as well - great images of the toilet.

  2. Miss O...good job in distracting mommy and daddy! Love LOVE your hat:)