Wednesday, December 21, 2011

William's First Week

It has been quite the adventure since we got back.  All this week we laid low and stayed close to home. On Saturday we did manage to make it to Costco (because we needed to stock up on some food).  Everytime we were in the car, both kiddies passed out.  Maman and Papa are somewhat adjusted back to Ottawa time, whereas Olivia took a bit longer to adjust. In fact, we think she's still adjusting somewhat because she wakes up in the middle of the night wanting to sing and play.  Little William, well I'm afraid it might take longer.

Yesterday was our first day together alone. I dropped off Miss O at school, just to get her back into routines (even there is a 2 week holiday coming up). She was still somewhat tired, but was ready to get busy.  She asked for her friends, she asked for her teachers, and we thought she needed to get ready for the upcoming Christmas concert. So she went, and I stayed home with William. Papa was home too, but went to work in the late morning.  I came home after dropping Olivia at school, and played with William until his morning nap. Great I thought!  We are somewhat on a schedule.  Nap, then lunch, then play and the afternoon lunch.  So I put him down at 10am.  Then 12pm passed, then 2pm.  What do I do?  Do I wake him?  But he's exhauseted, he's jetlagged. So I continued to unpack and do loads and loads of laundry.  6 hours later, William woke up at 4:00pm a happy camper. hahahhaha

Olivia and Papa arrived soon after he woke up and they kids were busy playing in the family room.  Olivia was exhausted from the days event, but she was such a trooper with her brother - making him laugh and playing with him.  It brings such relief seeming them like this.  It may not last for long, but I'll take it for now.

They are certainly different characters.  I keep looking back at Olivia's pictures and videos to see where she was at at 12 months.  Totally different. hahahah Olivia was busy eating solids and everything in sight. Sitting happily in her high chair and devouring anything we tossed at her. William, on the other hand, loves to play with his food and eat at his own pace.  Things still need to be somewhat mushy because he doesn't have all the chomping ability like his big sister at this stage.  Whole fruits seem to be a new thing for him. I keep throwing different kinds of fruit on his tray to see if he was curious to taste it.  He would take a piece hesitantly and put it in his mouth. As soon as it touched his tongue he spat it out. Ugh. Back to baby food jars we go. hahahhahaha  He'll get there eventually.  But when he's happy in the highchair, he's a goofball. Making sounds and babbling. Olivia gets a kick out of feeding him.  The thing the have in common though is they are both happy babies. Smiles and giggles all the time.  That's all the really counts right?

It is now 3pm and William has been down since 12 noon.  Obviously still adjusting or loving this cold grey day. Freezing rain and slippery roads are keeping us in again today. Maybe tomorrow I could do some Christmas shopping with him. Going to make my list now to be more efficient.  Efficiency that will be the key tomorrow for our first outing. Hopefully it goes well.  By the way, thanks Mich for the cupcake delivery to help get through this jetlag! :0P

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