Friday, December 23, 2011

Tis the Season!

So the Christmas holiday can't start without a Christmas concert. Before the most anticipated concert however, Olivia has her first haircut at Goobers Hairsalon the night before.  The whole family trekked out in the evening to see this big event. Sigh, the event took all of 15 minutes.  It probably would have only been a 5 minute cut if she was sitting still and paying attention to the hairdresser.  Too much distraction for Miss O, but the lady did a somewhat good job.  It's a bit crooked, but it's the best she could do considering who the client was.  :0)  I got to keep her first lock of hair too. I don't know why I needed to do that. It's not like one day when she's 18 she's going to want to look at it.  Oh well. It came in a nice card and poem. It's a keepsake for me than anything else.

Again, in true Olivia-style, she stole the show with her dynamic personality.  Her baby brother William took hold of the audience and captivated them with his charm and smiles before the show.  (Sadly..the blog won't accept my 3 minute long concert film of her...ugh)
Pretty much you're missing Miss O centre stage shaking her bells, then suddenly sees her Papa and starts crying for him (even with the principal told us to sit in the back so she won't see us). Oh well.  They redirected her and started shaking those bells and bopping up and down...then suddenly her bells broke and flew on the handle.  She reached for it and gave it to the teacher (who was off stage to fix it).  She stood there waiting patiently as the song continued, still bouncing away.  The applause time came and she did a dramatic bow - up and down with her newly cut hair.  She was doing her bow so well, that I was afraid she was going to fall off the stage.  Sigh, my little girl.  She definitely has the flair for drama. :0P  Quite the day for everyone.

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