Sunday, December 25, 2011

William's First Birthday - TOL

Our beautiful baby boy turned 1 today. We are so happy that we were able to have him home with us for this special day.  Only 1 week ago, we brought this bundle of joy home and he has turned our lives upside down for the good.  Seeing that it fall directly on Christmas Day made this day even more special.  To the birth mother who gave our son life, know that he is unconditionally loved and is in a happy home.  

Despite the snowy and icy conditions of the road, Grandpapa and Grandmaman were able to make it down for William's TOL.  An hour after they left Ste. Sauveur the roads became much more dangerous so the cousins were not able to make it even though they were full of anticipation to meet William the night before. No worries, we would see them in a couple more days when we go to celebrate Christmas in Quebec.

We were so fortunate to go out for dinner to celebrate his birthday.  Everything should have been closed, but Ohkee from Korean Palace said that she would open the restaurant for our party.  That made is super special.  Olivia loved it because she had the whole place to herself to run around the play.

After dinner (Korean BBQ), we got William dressed in his traditional HANBOK.  He was awesome sitting through dinner and now putting on this colourful costume.

Like Olivia, we did the traditional choosing of the items on a special tray. This would symbolize what lay in his future depending on the object he chooses.  For William his first item was the googles (another win for Papa), then a pair of scissors (will be a Scientist or a Doctor), and a pen (writer maybe).  All in all, very good choices.  The funny thing is i'm sure we'll do this ceremony again with friends when we celebrate his birthday again in the next few weeks. hahahha. We will see what he chooses next time around. I guess that's cheating, but it's all fun.

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