Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Travel News...Finally!

Today I took the day off from work.  I needed a day to myself. Let's call it a "mental health" day. I needed a day where I didn't have to think about all of life's little worries and things that I can't control and decided that I would pamper myself. Maybe a pedicure, maybe a massage, maybe lunch with Martin.

So after a lovely weekend with Lola and Lolo, I sadly had to drive them to the train station so they could go back to normal day routines.  Martin drove Miss Olivia to school, and I was going to stop at Starbucks and treat myself.

As I drove away from the train station I called Martin to see how Miss O's drop off went to day. Not good. Missing maman. Sigh.  Then the other line beeped.  I didn't recognize the number but my heart was beating faster.  I got off the phone with Martin and listen to the voicemail.  "Melanie...call me now!". OH MY GOSH!  It's Maria!  I redialed the number and sure enough it was Maria with the AWESOME news!  Travel!

I called Martin with tears in my eyes. Tears of joy!  Martin answered and when I told him the great news, the other line was silent.  He was crying too.  Tears of joy, but also tears from the fact that the "world of Olivia" will be "the world of Olivia AND William". It will no longer be just Olivia. That's a huge adjustment for ALL of us.

I got off the phone and called Lola and Lolo who were still at the Ottawa train station waiting for their train. hahahah. Then called everyone that I had in my phone contacts.  I raced home. We needed to make travel plans.  I have no idea how I got home, but I did and raced to the computer and phone.

By 12:00pm everything was confirmed and done.  Flight arrangements (which heck the prices are out of this world) were done.  Leaving Friday to Friday. We faxed our request to the SWS for our family room. Hopefully we'll hear tomorrow about that. I went to the bank.  Got my eyebrows done (not as relaxing, somewhat painful, but needed to go today).  Emailed HR at school...last day Thursday!

We picked up Olivia from school and broke the news to the teachers that Olivia will be leaving again for a short trip.  Not something they wanted to hear as Olivia was getting adjusted into her Primary class. Then the family went to eat some sushi to celebrate the good news.

Where did the day go?  Where did my rest and relaxation day go?  It's all good. I was running on adrenaline.  Feeling very rejuvenated and alive.  :0) After 16 weeks of waiting for travel, the news was everything that I had hoped this week.  The thought of not going to pick him up until after Christmas was unthinkable.  He'll be home for Christmas.  He'll be home for his first birthday. That's all I really wanted.

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