Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Preview to the million dollar Family!

The day started off at 4am (good lord!).  The night before she went down at 5pm and didn't wake up till the morning. Martin ventured out and got take out and we had a nice quiet dinner at the apartment.
This morning, Olivia was ready to go but we forced her to stay in bed until 5:30ish.  She was itching to get out of bed.  So we dragged ourselves out and got ready for breakfast.  We ventured out to Paris Baguette for a carb load and great coffee, and we headed out to COEX mall at 8am.  Crazy decision because it is Monday morning in the financial district and the subways were PACKED.  We had to carry Olivia for most of this trip because we were afraid she would get lost in the crowd!    We got to COEX mall (2 stops from us) and it was nice a quiet. It was perfect for Olivia because she was able to run around the mall relatively safely.  It was perfect!

From the COEX mall we headed back to the apartment for a rest.  We came back around 11pm and put Miss O down for a nap.  Needed to re-energize before meeting William. Again, Papa headed back out for take out, this time KRAZE burgers!  Yum!  Olivia only slept for an hour, but it was enough to recharge.  We headed out to the SWS office to meet Ms. Bang for 2pm.  We walked into the office, and the memories started flooding back.  Ms. Bang immediately saw us as we walked through the door. She was so happy to see us, especially Olivia.  She was amazed on how tall Olivia was and talking non-stop.  Miss Olivia was just excited to be in the building with more toys and then she saw more babies in the waiting rooms.  She saw a baby in the stroller and cried out "William!".  We told her that we were on our way to see William.  The one in the stroller was another baby.  hahahahha

After a few minutes, Ms. Bang called for the taxi.  We got in the taxi and it took about 30 minutes (with traffic) to get to the foster family's apartment.  It was a small modest apartment, but had beautiful play area outside for the kids to play in.  When we walked in, we saw William sleeping on the floor. My first reaction, OH MY GOSH HE'S HUGE!.  I'm thinking this was the same reaction when we first met Olivia.  But seriously, he looked massive underneath the blanket.  I was holding my breathe. Do we dare wake up a sleeping baby?  Sure enough, foster mom pulled of the blanket and started to wake him up.  Yikes!  He turned his head and the first face he saw was Martin's.  Still groggy he turned his head the other way and wanted to go back to sleep. Not so fast little man!  Foster man, whipped him up and sat him up so we could finally see this sleeping beauty awake.  Reaction...had no idea what was going on. hahahhah

Introducing William Christopher Wooyoung Savard!!!

What a joy to finally meet him!  Our first impression, he is a big little man, and the nickname they gave him (muscle man) seemed fitting.  He sat up and just stared at us.  We slowly moved around him, and he just sat there...wasn't sure what was up.  Foster mom was in the background getting some snacks ready for us, but he wasn't crying, not moving towards here, but pretty aware of her whereabouts.  Slowly and surely the smiles came out and Miss Olivia was her charming self.  He was fascinated by her. Maybe more so because Olivia was playing with his toys.  :0P

Like Olivia style, she was fascinated by his hair.  So were we!  There was just so much of it.  I stopped and thought about...how do I style boy's hair now. I'm so used to putting elastic and clips in Olivia's hair!  (In the background is Ms. Bang, our case/social worker - who was also Olivia's 2 years ago).

Foster mom had a fantastic spread of food, but we had to move it because William kept wanting to climb up on it.  Food at this point was our way to get William's attention.  This was perfect, because it's also Olivia's "way".

Father and son moment.  There is a resemblance.  Geez SWS is good.  My two handsome men.

It was my turn to hold Mr. William.  He was a heavy one.  But oh so soft and cuddly. 

Our first family photo.  We had did a wild goose chase around the apartment with the 2 kiddies.  They laughed and giggled. I knew at this moment that things were going to be okay.

Family photo with foster mom.

Olivia said that "William was in a backpack".  :0)

Soon after the family photos were taken, our hour was up. It was time to go.  The next time we would see each other would be on Thursday.  For 9 months foster mom and her family took care of this little man.  It's going to be hard.  We had seen a preview of William's temperament when he is not happy.  Strong arched back, red face. Sounds familiar. Although we really wanted to get him on Wednesday, we were okay with the fact that it would be a day later.  The adjustment no matter what would be hard for him and for all of us.  1 more day wouldn't change a thing.  13 hours in the sky with no where to go will be the test.  hahahhaha  We're ready for it.

On our way back, foster mom's apartment was right next to the Olympic parks.  I took a picture while we were in the car.  Maybe 1 day our kids will be participating in an Olympic event. Olivia in swimming, and William?  Maybe wrestling. :0)

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  1. I am obsessively checking up on the blog and loving all the updates. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy and on your beautiful family. Tears of joy for you with each new update. Merry Christmas! xoxo Katie & the Hacketts