Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ave Maria

There are some jobs that only a certain person can do.  It takes a special person to be a Korea program director for Children's Bridge.  I'm wondering if its the "type A" personality she keeps talking about. hahaha 

In all the hustle and bustle of getting Olivia settled and comfortable, I've neglected to mention one of the most important person that was responsible in helping unite with Olivia. No, she didn't match us and no she didn't know of Olivia when they refered her to us.  But, she was there from the very beginning. I have a feeling that our journey and friendship with Maria will continue.  It started with that late phone call March 2009 evening to tell us we were ready to start the process.  The rest they say is the history in the making. It was her voice that we waiting for so "patiently" to hear.  It was her voice that we first heard when we found out our prayers had been answered.

She has been there through every step of the process.  Making sure all the documents were in on time, making sure they were filled in correctly.  People should know that 80% of the process is all paper work and dead lines.  She was there to receive and send all the documents back and forth from the ministry to Korea.  I'm sure dealing with anxious parents like us wasn't easy. hahahha.  But she was calm and ever so helpful and it was much appreciated that her hand was there to walk us through the process.  That's her job "making families happen". 

I walked in last week to introduce Olivia to the CB family.  They were awaiting our arrival for awhile.  I feel bad that it has taken this long.  I walked in and there they were (sans Shelley - next time I promise) welcoming her with open arms.  Everyone eager to touch or hold her when she was ready.  It just occured to me that this was the most special time for the people, especially Maria, when they finally see the family united.  It must be the best part of the job.  Maria has done hundreds of these I'm sure.  She gets to see every family finally with their child they have been waiting for so long.  She gets to be part of that every day, every year.

Did I mention she is a devoted and wonderful mother?  I remember this conversation we were having about Christmas and the need to be more socially aware.  There she was making an advent calendar of good deeds for her children.  She is the type of person that every mother aspires to be. (And she could do a great ELMO impersonation! - won Olivia over for sure.) Divine intervention has brought us to Maria and through her help we were able to have Olivia in our lives.

Her every action and effort brought Olivia to us.  We are forever thankful for what she and her team did.  They have a special place in our hearts.


  1. Great post Melanie! Maria makes families happen. She has brought so many families together. There are no words to express the gratitude that she deserves. I honestly think that CB is so lucky to have her. We are lucky to have her. Maria will always be a part of our lifelong journey. These pics are awesome!!

  2. What a beautiful post!!! I must share with the staff. Watching parents unite with their children IS the best part of our job. Brings back our own personal stories! *grin*