Friday, April 16, 2010

Things I learned in 2 months

Do you ever have those moments where things just come to you (changes,moments) and you always say you should remember that and write it down?  I had those moments this week so I started writing them down in a book so I would remember.  This week I think I actually said out loud "parenting is damn hard".  I thought I would share. hahaha

Below are 20 things (there are more) that I learned so far:

1.  Teething...everything about it is frustrating.  The crankiness, the rash, the warm temperatures, the length of time it takes for the set to grow in.  Everything about it is hard and Olivia only had 6 right now.  People tell me the molars are the much worse can it get?  I'm afraid.

2.  In the past 2 months, she went from sitting and rolling around to crawling like she's in a F1 race.  I had to find a drop-in indoor playarea for her to crawl around and move because she's moving so fast.  Sigh...I miss the carpet play.  Today she started pulling herself up on things and actually climbed up 1 step.  Yikes.

3.  I learned that she loves our bed more than hers.  Okay, that sometimes is a good thing.  :0)  There's nothing like waking up to her smiley face or singing and clapping her hands in the middle of the night.  It makes us laugh.

4.  I learned that "Mama!" sometimes is not a good thing.

5. The walker is the best "helper" in the world.

6.  I should invest in infant food and snack market because it would save me lots of money.  These companies make a fortune. 

7.  I learned that Elmo is up there with "important" people in Olivia's life.  

8.  If you persist at things eventually she'll get used to it |(except sleeping through the night :0P) i.e.  stroller and carseat...woohoo!

9.  I learned that playgroups are sacred times for mommy and baby.

10.  Burping need to be part of the feeding routine.

11.  There is no time to finish "thank you" cards from the shower.  Make sure you do all of it before the baby comes.  Sigh. Sorry's coming. 

12.  Don't start new projects.  But you always do because there is always something to do.  i.e. scapbooking, photo invites, annoucements, blogs etc.

13.  With  Olivia, when moving to solid foods - put a few pieces at time because she puts all the pieces in her mouth as fast as she can.  I'm sure she's thinking "That's why I have 2 hands and 10 pick up all these pieces!"

14.  Changing diapers....Ugh.  I understand why there are STRAPS on some change tables.  Why is she so wiggly and squirmy!  AND...Why do they call it the DIAPER GENIE?  Seriously, what magical thing does it do?

15.  Pillow cushions are not baby gates or barriers. 

16.  Vacuuming is not an option but a part of daily life.  I've stepped on hundreds of Cheerios and Mum Mums.  It's so annoying.

17.  There should be more DRIVE-THRU restaurants, other than McDonalds.   Seriously...what do you do with the sleeping baby in the car and your starving?  Plus...who has the time to make lunch?

18.  At this age, Olivia at least knows more than we think.  I love the way she looks at us first when she does something she's not supposed to.  It's like "Ummm..are you watching?"  When we say "Nooo",she takes a minute and contemplates what the consequences would be.  I know that might not be true, but it sure seems like it. hahahahha

19.  Did I mention how important ELMO was?

20.  I learned being a mother is the best thing in the world.  Can't wait to learn more things.  :0)


  1. i'm your fan!!!!!! i couldn't stop laughing, thank your for this moments of complete joy!