Monday, April 5, 2010

Marty touching base..Everyday!

Hi everyone..sorry for the quiet time...well in terms of the blog!!!!!
I just wanted to give you a brief update on things and some of my thoughts!
Miss O is doing really good, I never ever imagined how much she would changed our life...and never imagined my life could get any better then it was already.
As me and Mel were talking,  we remembered a conversation from about over a year now, after all the thought times building a family, and asked ourselves the question:
How we would look back at our life without children when we are 75 year young ? Would we feel we had a fulfilled life?
We both look at each other and think, you know what, life bring different things, and not only one path leads to happiness. We are soulmate, and enjoying our every moments together, we share everything, we are silly together, we laugh together, we cry together (well you know!!!) and we felt that we would have no regrets just being the 2 of us and happy to spoiled all our nieces, nephews and god child"s (we have quite a few of those!)
.....but today, after I came back from my trip in California, for the first race of the season, and sitting in the car driving to Toronto with Mel, we looked at each other and I said...
I still believe what I was thinking over a year ago..BUT you know!!!! now, I could not imagine my present and future without my 2 girlfriends.

Everyday is a bigger blessing when I see my 2 girls intertwined in bed, when I wake up to go to work.
Everyday, I can't wait for my day to start, because I know it start with Olivia and Mama playing silly in bed
Everyday I can't wait before I leave, to have breakfast all together as a family..(the price for O to participate.....a few extra cherios needed..But less and less everyday.)
Everyday, I can't wait to come home after work and have her and mommy waiting for me
Everyday I can't wait to give her dinner
Everyday i can't wait to give her bath, and have her make bubbles!
and yes...everyday i can't wait to sit with her before bed watching Elmo, over and over.

Come the think of it, now I can surely say that when i'm 75....We had the time of our life!
Stay silly Miss O, daddy loves you!....... Everyday.

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