Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Bunny and our first road trip!

This weekend marked Miss O's first Easter and first BIG family event.  There was much "discussion" about our weekend get away.  As you know, Olivia has been with us for almost 2 months now. She is progessing so well that sometimes I forget that she can still be overwhelmed with change in routine and different people around.  This weekend there was a big family party planned for my aunt who is going back to the Philippines, plus it was Easter so it was a great opportunity for ALL the family to get together.  WE HAD TO BE THERE.  Of course there was the hope from family members to meet Olivia for the first time.  Granted a big family affair was probably not the best scenario for Miss O, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to say goodbye to Tita Edith.  Also Lola and Lola were going for an extended vacation to the Philippines too and Olivia wouldn't see them until June!  Ohhh they would miss her so.

So after much thought we decided to make a overnight trip to Brampton.  We had our family bonding day on Friday (the weather was spectacular), and then we left shortly after breakfast Saturday morning.  We packed up her clothes, food, diapers, and the extra bag full of toys and goodies for the car.  We contemplated stopping at Costco to buy a portable DVD player just in case we needed Elmo to help us out.  However, it turned out that Olivia slept for the first 3 hours of the road trip.  We couldn't believe it.   We got to Brockville, still sleeping. Okay...let's wait till Kingston to stop...nope...still sleeping.  Bellevile?  Nope.  She actually woke up 1 hour away from Toronto.  Thank goodness because we needed to hit the washroom so badly, but didn't want to stop because of Miss O. hahahha  We had lunch in at a rest area (disinfectant wipes in hand!) and then onwards to Brampton.  Actually, made a pit stop at Panera Bread, where Tita Melissa and Lola meet us for a snack.

After our snack we stopped in at Square One to check out some things and back to Lola and Lolo's house.  It was a nice day all in all.  When we arrived at the house, she had a chance to unwind and play a bit.  She had dinner, and then it was off to Tita Melissa's house to sleep.  It was an extra long day for her, so she had to miss her much loved bath.  Papa was really more sad about it.  Then all 3 of us hopped into Tita Melissa's bed (thankyou!) exhausted. Tomorrow would be a bigger day.  Extended  family.  Family who loves babies. :0)

In the morning, we woke up and got dressed.  Olivia had her Easter dress on which had an extra petticoat to make it extra pouffy.  How the heck we got her seatbelt on I have no idea?  We had a quick breakfast at Panera. Unfortunately we didn't make it to mass. Sigh.  Good intentions.  We headed back to Lola's house to give them some "baby" time before the herd came in and snatch her away. 

The rest seems like a blur..hahhahah.  Family came in droves and it was all exciting. They all wanted to see our dear Olivia and give her kisses.  I have to admit, it was a bit stressful.  Kept asking myself, "Is it too early?"  "Can she handle this?"  "Will my family think it's rude if I take her away if she cries?"  But in the end, they were all very respectful of Olivia and giving her space that she needed.  At this point, the dress with the layers of crinolin came off and she was playing only in her onesie.  They way she loves. hahahha Then it was time to go.  Sigh.  It was so very short, but it was great to see everyone and have that chance for everyone to meet Miss O.  It'll be another 2 months before Lola and Lolo see Olivia again.  She'll be that much bigger (well hopefully not too much!), she'll be more talkative and moving around more. 

We said our goodbyes and kisses and headed back to Ottawa.   I have to admit, I was more emotional about leaving than expected.  Maybe I was overwhelmed by all the family attention and love as well.  It's one of those times where I do miss living near my big family.  I'm sureMartin feels the same about his family living in Montreal.  Our family parties were always the best and I miss all of my relatives.  Having a little one, I hope it won't stop our regular visits to Brampton.  Olivia will just have to get used to the road trips.  It's one of the perks of living in Ottawa I guess. :0)

Olivia had a good ride back.  We stopped in Kingston and had dinner at a very family friendly restaurant.  Swiss Chalet.  Then we stopped at the drive-thru Starbucks.  YAY!  Then did the next stretch home.  Because it was her bedtime, she was out of sorts and a bit cranky.  I sat in the back to try to calm her down, and 30 minutes before we arrived home she fell fast asleep.  Of course.

WE got home and immediately brought her to our room and she woke up with a huge smile and clapped her hands. Home again...something familiar.

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