Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Olivia - A Poem by Maddie

It's now been 2 months with our precious Olivia. In the last few months friends of ours have heard their referral news, and some of them have gone to Korea to pick up their precious bundle.  I've started reading other people's blogs about their journey and many of them start with the memorable day of the "phone call".  The news.  You have been matched.  More and more friends are blogging about their experiences like ours and I can't help notice the same emotions - love, elation, overjoy, relief, disbelief, and peace.  I love reading about how they found out. 

A friend's daughter had a project to do at school.  A writing assignment.  Apparently she was stumped on what to write.  All along, my friend was coming home with updates with our news and shared them with her family.  She has been in our shoes before.  The idea came up to write something about this experience, and she took off from there.  She gathered the information and came up with her "project".  To us, her writing captured the moment perfectly and it brings tears of joy just reading it again.


It was a fresh crisp average day.
November 30th, 2009.
A day of great significance to all those dear to the close knit family awaiting their child from Korea.
Every day deemed a working day to the parents.
Then came a call.
She received it at work.
It's a girl!
Tears flowed freely.
Laughter echoed through the halls.
The news traveled on winged voices,
Reaching out gathering friends around a proud new mother.
Eunsoo, the name of smiles.
For the news of the child they were to adopt was expected many months into the future.
But brought overwhelming joy and elation to already the warmest hearts.
Mother and Father call each other to share the magical moment together.
It's a girl.
It was the father's birthday.
Then through a seemingly errant phone call,
He was promised the greatest gift of all.
The promise of a new life.
The promise of a complete family.
As the working day drew to a close,
The clouds adorned the sky in tufts of pink glory, cast by the fading sun.
Whoever knew that the greatest gift of all could arrive,
On a fresh crisp average day?
Her name is Olivia.
The child of smiles.

Thank you Maddie for capturing that day for us.  For all my friends and those who are waiting for your referral news...It really is a magical moment.  Best wishes!

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