Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Cousin's Love

Oliva first met her 2 (of the 4) first cousins a few weeks ago.  It was Audrey's annual skating recital and for the past few years we have always gone to see her and support her accomplishments.  I have to say...she has improved leaps and bounds every year.  It's always exciting to watch.  This year was no different, and Olivia LOVED it.

We arrived in the afternoon, and Audrey was outside anticipating our arrival.  Sure enough as we pulled up to the drive way, there was Audrey all smiles and eager to get her hands on Olivia.  We were still a bit anxious on how Olivia would react, but she was great.  She quickly noticed the vast crawling space, and started crawling around.  They gave her a toy which she played with Audrey and Catherine.  We couldn't be any happier. 

Mathieu shortly arrived and quickly gave her a hug.  Even he was amazed by her funky hair.  He mentioned to Martin how beautiful she was.  Too cute.  It was obvious that Marc and Cat had a conversation about adoption with Mathieu (who was old enough to understand), and had such profound comments for a 10 year old boy.  He's an amazing kid.   Then up came Uncle Marc, who took hold of her. No issues.  Martin was amazed and claimed it was because Marc looked similar to himself.  Whatever. hahahah.  When she fussed on the couch, Marc gave her the remote control.  A big no no with papa, but Olivia was happy. :0)

The event started at 7pm, so we thought we would take the stroller up so she could fall asleep during the show. That didn't happen.  She was fascinated with the lights and sounds and the skating.  Surprised...we let her stay up a few more hours.  Needless to say, we left a little bit earlier and weren't able to see the finale.  But...we stayed for a good portion of it.  We wonder if she'll be a figure skater to like her cousin Audrey. 

There are 2 other cousins Olivia hasn't met formally.  We've seen each other via webcam, and Olivia was equally fascinated by the other "babies" on the screen.  Can't wait for that meeting.  Olivia is definitely so lucky to have such wonderful and adorable cousins who love her. 

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