Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy 2 months!

Sorry it's been awhile.  April has been a very busy month and with that things have fallen behind.  Blogging is definitely one of them. Olivia is doing really well.  We are still managing "sleep"issues, but really it's not a biggie and we are okay with knowing that Olivia right from the beginning was never a good sleeper.  I say this now and Olivia is sleeping beside me in our bed for the last 2 hours.  sigh.  Who knew our bed was this comfy!!  Well to be honest, Miss O has been struggling with her very first cold since she arrived.  Boo!  Both Olivia and Papa are managing well under the circumstances.  The frustrating part is see the runny nose and watching her sniff it back up! hahaha  How early is it too teach them how to use a Kleenex?  At this point, Olivia uses the Kleenex to rip it apart in millions of pieces and tries to put it in her mouth.  Sigh.  Then..of course, because she can't blow her nose, there's "stuff" stuck in her throat that she tries to cough up. Poor thing.  But all in all...things are perfect.  She has gained some weight (sigh), her hair is getting longer (i've put them in pigtails!), she crawling faster, and she's "talking" more (Martin seems to think she's talking back to us already when we discipline her...hahhahah).  Time to really start baby proofing the house.

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