Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Birthday Party #2 I'm taking advantage of a sleeping baby to update my blog. There is birthday party #3 to write about that happened this weekend. But first things firsts, birthday party #2 was just as memorable.

Olivia's birthday was on Thursday June 3rd, and then the next day, Martin left for New Hampshire for a race and we (Olivia, Tita Melissa, and I) ventured back to Brampton for a family visit. However...before we left a we had a "small" disaster. Our fridge broke. I thought no worries, repair guy will come in early Friday morning to fix it and we would be on our way. Yay... didn't happen quite like that. Sigh. He came and opened the freezer and there was literally inches..inches of frost in the back. He ha dto chisel his way through to the wires in the back. THen...he told me that he couldn't work on it now because of all the frost, we had to let it melt OVER THE WEEKEND! SOOOOOO....Friday morning...scrambled to find containers to save my food and take it with me to my parents house. Ugh. Needless to say most of it couldn't be saved. I cut my losses and packed up the car and we left.

OMG...Olivia has been a dream on road trips so far. But this road trip took us * hours. We left at 2pm and arrived close to 10pm. She had a good sleep but there was summer construction that wasted travelling time and an accident. Sooo..we stopped and walked around...had to stop again to have dinner...and then stop again..because it was bedtime and she had to be comforted by mama and not tita Melissa. So we had to switch drivers. Ugh. But we made it safe and sound..and poor Tita Melissa who had been a real trooper lost her bed to Olivia and I. She had to sleep in the guest room on a futon. We slept well though. :0)

In the morning...Olivia was up and ready to face that days adventures. Lola and Lolo were up already busy cooking for the "family" dinner. My sister and I had breakfast and left with Tita Jen (whose birthday was that day) for a pedicure. YAY! WE came back and lunch was ready. Lolo had made some birthday noodles "pancit" for Olivia and Tita Jen. Nice big fat noodles and Olivia loved it. Then it was nap time.

When she woke we got ready for another birthday party. My good friend from high school's son was turning 2. They live in Ohio now so it was extra special to see them on this occasion. I have to say...going to kids birthday parties when you have your own kid is pretty amazing. Truthfully, for many years we were the "childless" couple, always playing with other friends' kids. It was so different this time.

Unfortunately it was a short visit, as we had to get back home to our "family" dinner. I put this in quotations because our family is huge. As I mentioned before in this blog, I love our gatherings. It would be loud and there would be lots of people. We came home quickly to find the party had already started. hahahah. People had arrived earlier that I thought expecting to have a chance to play with Olivia before other people arrived. OOPS. Anyways...Olivia was feed her special birthday meal. There was pancit, rice of course, chicken, shrimps, typical filipino fare (plus desserts!) Then came her icecream birthday cake! Lola really spoiled her. We cut her a piece and she played with it before she put it in her mouth. She loved it. Oh oh. hahhaha.

Olivia again was super in a big crowd. It has been 3 months now, and we were more comfortable with people interacting with her more. Again, my family is super respectful of the fact that it has only been 3 months, but she was great! Everyone was amazed at how great an eater she was. Really? She's not 25lbs for no reason.

The night quickly wore her out, so after opening the presents, I gave her a quick bath (because she was sooo dirty with food), and we said our goodnights. We jumped into to bed and she feel asleep quickly despite all the noise from the party still going on downstairs.

Lola and Lolo threw a wonderful dinner for Olivia. They cooked and cleaned all day to make this day special. And it was. She is a very lucky girl. I am so happy that my family in Brampton was able to participate in making this birthday very special for Olivia. I always dreamed of this day. Celebrating my child's first birthday with all the relatives.

The next day we would have to leave back to Ottawa (and take Lola back with us).

To make it short, our drive back to Ottawa the next day was amazing!!!! We didn't stop. Lola moved to the back when she woke up at Kingston and played with her until we arrived to Ottawa.

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