Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father"s Day

Hi everyone, first things first, I would like to wish happy father's day to both my brothers and my dad. Every year I was able to see how this day made them so proud, for the first time I understood.

For my first Father's day, I had decided to start a tradition! Over the weekend I participated in the Tour du Courage, an event to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer. This was the first edition of the event and was organized by a good friend of mine who recently successfully beat the disease.
This was a 2 day cycling event, with an Uphill 3.5km Time trial in the Laurentians in the morning, a 55KM mountain stage in the PM and on Sunday morning a 35KM team time trial. There were 20 teams and (just over 120 cyclist) that raised over 150,00 for the cause. Our team of 6 where able to raise just under 7K.
The weekend was awesome. Saturday, on the final stage, as usual Mel's timing was always impeccable, arrived 10 minutes before I crossed the finish line. I could see her and Miss O there cheering me on.

It's funny how things change when your a dad. Now every time I'm not having a good day at work, training, or competing, or I feel things are really getting tough and slipping, I think about my daughter, and it gives everything some perspective.
The additional pride I get now when I do something, because I want to make her proud and show a good example to see things through, and everyday to remember what is important in this world.
It's funny how she already changed the way I approach things. Between Mel and Olivia's determination, resiliency , and "happy go lucky" attitude, it's much easier to get upbeat and smile, and push!
As I always say, it's easy to be good in good time, but a true champion is good in tough times.
I always got my inspiration from Mel and still do, but to see Olivia it really makes me appreciate what life is all about. I now have 2 strong "girls" loving me, looking up to me, supporting me and changing me, and making sure I do the right thing.
My father's day was nothing out of the ordinary!!! Well other than this year I am actually a father! So, being Mel's husband and Olivia's "Papa" just makes this extraordinary.
Racing in the morning for a cause that i believe in, and that affected people I love and loved, having BBQ with my dad and just enjoying him and my mom play silly with Miss.O. Then spending time with my wife driving back to Ottawa while drinking our latte and eating our chocolate brownie, stopping for icecream, having dinner together!!!!! get back in the routine, bath, Elmo and dodo....
I'm the luckiest person ever, thank you to both of you, for defining me as a papa and re-defining me as a person.
No, my first father's day was nothing special it was just everything I ever wanted!

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