Thursday, June 3, 2010

She's 1 today!

YAY! The big today...somewhat anticlimatic. hahahaha I had big plans. We were going to go to the gymnastics centre where Olivia could crawl and bounce around. Then have a fabulous lunch. Then if we were lucky a long nap. Then a traditional Korean dinner. Well..the day didn't start off as planned, of course.

I'm not complaining. Olivia slept in till 9am today. WOOHOO! Well..not really, because she woke up at 4am and wanted to play. After 45 minutes...I couldn't handle it anymore and stuck an ELMO DVD in and hoped she would go back to bed. I don't know if she watched all of it, but somewhere around 6am she was sideways asleep. We turned off the TV and didn't' wake up till much later. Well..she would have slept longer if Papa didn't induce the wakeness. sigh.

We came down for breakfast and she was a great spirits. Of course she was, she slept in until 9am!!! But then my plans went out the window. The gymnastic place didn't have drop ins till 2:30...ugh. we would go to China town and pick up some last minute things for Olivia's birthday party..then have lunch, then go to a indoor play area. But... as we got onto the highway...Olivia fell asleep. We didn't' have the heart to wake her up. She missed Chinatown, and we took out food and brought it home. She had a great hour and half nap. Gave her lunch...and finally grandpapa came. YAY!

There was a fiasco about a toy Tita Melissa bought at ToysRus that we needed a truck to bring it back home. SO thankfully, grandpapa brought his truck down and we went to pick it up. We came home set up the play structure. Then it was time to open gifts.

Well..there was one gift that she had to open. Foster family delivered a special package for Olivia for her birthday. We opened it and read the letter from foster mom. Needless to say, all 3 women in the room had tears in their eyes. hahahah. Olivia must have thought what the heck was going on. They gave a lovely hand made teddy bear and wrote on it. She also gave some little trinkets for Martin and I. It was so very thoughtful. I can't wait to send them pictures of Olivia and her TOL.

After that we got ready and she had her first birthday cake. Chocolate with vanilla icing. Not fancy, but made with love. Tita Melissa helped put the icing on, and grandmama helped me not burn it. hahahah She hesitantly put her fingers in the icing. Not sure what to do with this white stuff on her fingers. Then we placed the fingers in the mouth. Then she went back down to the cake for more. sigh. We feed her some chocolate cake. I'm thinking this is not a good thing. She liked it. She liked it a lot! :0)

Finally we went for dinner. Ohhh they were so very nice. I would recommend this restaurant to everyone. We ordered lots of food and it was delicious. We told them it was Olivia's TOL and they gave us complimentary kimchi pancakes (which Olivia loved) and a birthday cake made out of rice flour. They even provided us with objects for Olivia to choose for her TOL ceremony. You'll see in the pictures what she chose. We are so happy with her choices. hahahaha

The owner's wife also came down to lend me her hanbok which was made from beautiful silk. She gently took it out of a box and dressed me up. It was sooo beautiful and was very touched that she let me try it on. It made the evening even more memorable.

The night was fantastic. We got home and found another present by the door from the neighbour across the street. Again...people just pouring their hearts out to this little one. We gave her a quick bath, and she quickly went down for the night.

Was it everything I expected it to be? You was perfect. Lots of love, lots of kisses, lots of smiles. What else could you ask for?


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS OLIVIA!!!! I am in such tremendous awe that the foster family sent her a birthday present. Olivia is soo loved by all :) I was so touched that the owner's wife of the restaurant let you wear her hanbok. What a special memorable day. We are so happy for you!!

  2. She's getting so BIG. I can't wait to see her at the baptism. Miss you guys lots. xoxo.