Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The end of Kindermusic class

Well, Olivia and I had a blast. I wasn't sure back in March if it was too early. I knew Olivia loved music the moment we had her back home. For the 12 week program will only missed 3 classes I think. Olivia loved her teacher and all the "baabee!" (babies) too. Her teacher had such a magical voice and she knew what "items" would grab these infants' attention. Olivia espeically loved the instruments and the bubbles. She went from just sitting and listening to the music, to rolling and crawling around. I think she was the most active participant there. On Monday marked the last class and she got her little certificate. AWWWW. Her first one. Have to put that in the memory book too. :0) I'll try to keep up with the songs that she's familiar with, but nobody sings it better than Paula the teacher.

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