Friday, June 18, 2010

Birthday Party #3 - Continues - Part 2

Once everyone seemed like they had enough, the caterers started packing up their stuff. THen it was time to get Olivia ready for her TOL ceremony. I brought her upstairs and changed her into the hanbok we bought in Korea for her (not realizing that her foster mother had bought her one too). Sooo, we gathered everyone to the front table and Martin did his speech. I don't know about anyone else, but I was emotional. Martin was emotional. Everyday, we count our blessing that this little wonder is really ours. It was her first birthday and everyone (well most of them) that we loved was there to witness and celebrate with us.

SO the TOL ceremony continues, and little Olivia chooses the SPOOL OF THREAD (again..yay!) and a spoon (which meant either good cook or good eater...hahahahha). To much of papa's disappointment, the googles and money that he directed her to was not chosen. hahahahhaha After that, we quickly got her out of that outfit because she was sweating buckets, and the party continued.

Because Olivia LOVES music, out birthday gift to her was a musician who came to play kids music. HE WAS THE BEST THING! He performs during special events, but also has special music classes like Kindermusic. He sat down with his guitar and the kidss made a circle around him. Olivia loved it. She was bouncy and clapping away. So were the rest of the kids AND the parents. He played typical and non-typical songs. SO it was very entertaining. The classic thing I will always remember was when he was singing "Oh MacDonald" and asked Quinlan for something you find at the farm, he yelled out "AN EGG!". And the song continued. HAHAHAHAHHA He brought out instruments for the kids At the end, he gave Olivia a cute stuff monkey as a birthday gift and sang one of her favourite songs "If you are happy and you know it..".

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