Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

It is the night before Olivia's birthday. Sigh. I'm all emotional. One year old. 12months. 3 of which, we spent with you. The other 9, another family loved and cared for you. I don't know but today I feel immense happiness that we are here to celebrate this milestone day, but on the other hand, sad that I missed the 9 months before, wishing that I was there from the very beginning of your life. But that I've taken a moment to reflect on that thought, and now we are ready to celebrate all the milestones we will be witnessing in the many years to come.

So many things you have accomplished in the last three years from sitting up alone, to crawling, to cruising, to free standing and trying to take your first steps. You went from no teeth to 7. You went from short spiky hair, to 2 little pig tails shooting up. You went from "baba" to "mama, papa, baby" and babbling non-stop. You went from comprehending the Korean language, to understanding English and French. You went from pureed food to solid table food that we cut for you. You went from bottle to sippy cup. You went from super shy of strangers to waving "hello" to them(backwards, but still) and blowing kisses. Raffi and Elmo are still a big part of you life. But now you know what a remote control for the TV is used for! You went from playing alone quietly to exploring the world because of your curiousity. You have gone from many people who love you, to countless number of people who adore you. You have grown leaps and bounds in the last few months. What a true blessing to see where you have come and what awaits for you around the corner. Happy Birthday Olivia! Mama and Papa love you so much.

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