Friday, June 18, 2010

Birthday Party #3 - Ottawa - Part 1

Okay..finally, the last birthday party. Boy this was the one that stressed me out the most. Although we did everything to make sure that we wouldn't be stressed. Our final numbers for the party turned out to be more than 60 people including kids. Where the heck are we going to put everyone as I sent out the EVITE (there were a few hand written ones, but seriously...there was no way to send them all out).

Sooo..we decided on a backyard bbq. Great! We found a great caterer who specializes in backyard bbqs and told us we could get all you can eat hamburgers and hotdogs and salads. Super...done! Then it was just up to us to find the other "stuff". Thank you Costco! As the preparations were underway...sure enough..the weather forecast slowly changes to partly cloudy to scattered thundershowers!!! PANIC. Soo..on Thursday the week of the party...we called a rental company for a tent. A 20x20 tent! In our backyard. For the party. SHEESH. As I watched them set it up on the Friday...all I was's going to be a circus. We joked around about having Tita Melissa climb to the top to put a flag on the peak. hahhahaha


Well..the day of...the house was full. My family from Brampton and Martin's brother's family from Moncton filled the Savard residence. It was great! The children were up running around and playing and the Martin and Max were quickly setting things up in the backyard. Me? Well...I had a hair appointment. :0P
When I came back it was 10:30. Oh oh...Olivia hasn't had her nap yet! SOooo I decided to take her into the car and drive around till she fell asleep. And it worked..and it made all the difference. She woke up about an hour later to find everyone dressed and ready to go. I brought her upstairs and put on ther "Annie Brocolli" outfit, and she was ready to party.

AN ASIDE...while we were changing at 11:30 the phone rang to tell us that the face painter/balloon maker person had the stomach flu and they were going to send another replacement. Ugh.

Shortly after 12 people started coming and the tent was quickly filling up as the SUN began to shine and it was hot! GO FIGURE! It was the most beautiful day! We were sooo blessed. In the end it was still a good idea to rent the tent, because it was the extra shade we needed that day. It was sooo hot.

Family and friends gathered together yet again to celebrate this occasion. For many guests it was a time to catch up on things because they haven't seen each other in awhile. The kids were busily playing and running around in the backyard. We had Olivia's playstructure out and the kids were making good use out of it. Finally the face painter (who didn't do balloons though) came around 12:30 and the kids lined up eagerly to have some special design painted on their face. It was a great idea, and the artist was fantastic!

The food was fantastic. It wasn't those cheapy burgers and hotdogs. It was real patties and huge hotdogs. So wonderful. After meeting most of the guest...Olivia was under the tent playing with her friends...I took Olivia in for a quiet lunch inside. I know it must have been overwhelming for her to have all these people wanting to to touch her and kiss her and take pictures. Mommy and Olivia had a nice lunch in the air-conditioned kitchen, while papa entertained and greeted more people.

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