Monday, June 21, 2010

Circus...oops I mean still birthday party #3 - Part 4

After the singing and dancing, the party came to an end. We said our goodbyes to some family and friends. Their presence during this day made it so very special. I hope Olivia looks back at these pictures and videos to see how much people love her.

It was late afternoon and all that was left was the immediate family. We all gathered under the tent to recount the days' events. We were all so tired, but happy that the day went so well. Even the cousins, who were busy running all over the place during the party, decided to have some quiet time. We decided to open the presents then. As much as I would have loved for everyone to be there during the "opening of the presents" and I could thank them personally, it was less chaotic in the end. However, when I asked Audrey and Nico to help, they both grabbed gifts and opened them at the same time. hahahhaha. I had to tell them to do it one at a time because I wanted to keep track of it all. All the kids were excited to open. Olivia was most excited about the tissue paper she could eat. hahahahha

After the presents we decided to do family pictures. The white tent proved to be a good backdrop for the photos. Our first family photos of the entire family. I look back at these pictures and I think about all the family group photos of just Martin and I. Years of waiting to hold our little one in these photos. Finally a complete family picture.

Once pictures were done. Oddly enough it was time to eat again. Thank goodness there were tons of leftover hamburgers and hotdogs. We quickly set the tables outside and had 1 long dinner table. All that was missing was the candlebras in the middle. hahahah. At the end of the table was little Olivia, hanging on to stay awake, but in the end passed out in total exhaustion.

She had a wonderful day. She played with the other kids, she danced and sang. She ate happily. She was absolutely great with all her friends and family. Yes, it was a circus, but it was the best birthday party ever. This party meant even more than just a first birthday. Yes, we might have gone overboard with 3 parties, but each one the memories we made are priceless. Each gathering was a celebration of family and friends. I can't thank everyone enough for making this day for Olivia extra special. You're love and support was truly felt. Our family is truly blessed to have some wonderful people in our lives.

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