Monday, February 22, 2010

Marty's take....eating my words!

Well, well, look at me trying to predict how Olivia would react a few hours before we meet her...well we didn't really have any expectations, but a lot of hope, not that her reaction would have changed anything anyways,  BUT WOW!!!!
We just took it slow and talked to her  as she observed us, and after a few minutes, started to walk.
(well she was on one of those walkers that are banned in Canada!!!!! which is too bad, since you really get a sense of her mood by the way she is moving , daring or suspicious.) going one step back 2 steps forward.
She finally pushed herself toward Melanie and starting interacting with her, to finally just wanting to talk and play!!!! few smooches and food playing with Daddy (hihihi) then Mel went for it...she pulled her out of her walker and start playing.....wait for it, wait for it...NO CRYING!!!!! just big laughs and drools!!!!!( as you can see on the picture!) anyway..Mel will go in details, but wow and wow again..
Before leaving as we where saying our goodbyes, I got the biggest smooch on my cheek, so much that even the foster mom and social worker got surprised and started to laugh.
As we walked out the door we got a few claps, huge smile and goodbye waves from our baby girl!

Play by play comments from Mel coming!

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