Thursday, February 4, 2010

Marty's take--another week

Countdown still going.....another week step closer.. As you probably can imagine..every week is getting harder to wait, but this week we got an incredible gift!
For the first time we saw our baby girl play, smile...and TALK!!!! (well something like blah, bruuuuuut,yayayayya,  baaaahh) which clearly mean, "man! those toys are the bomb!" (hahhahaha)

The SWS actually sent us 1 new picture enclosed in a DVD of her playing with the toys. We got about 6 clips..(which we can't stop watching over and over!!!!!)and let me tell you a few things!!!
-She is sooooooooo Beautiful!
-Her smile is as priceless as it is from her pictures! is her size;-)
-She is clearly REALLY curious....and has a go-getter attitude.... just like,.....let me go grab that toy there!
-She Loves music (well funny sounds!)
...and she is quite a piano player!

I wish we could post the clip, but we are not able to breakdown the video.....

I got as well another gift, this time from my wife, which got me a picture frame that says "Love at first sight" with a picture of Olivia, for my office...oh yeah...I know, she's the best!
Saying we can't wait to be with her would be the understatement of the year, but even so far away, everyday she is with us in our hearts and mind.
Everyday, when time seems to go by way too fast, I take a moment to breathe, clear my laptop, so I can see her picture smiling in the background, which brings a smile to my face and hope that we will be together soon.

Daddy misses you, O. until we meet! stay strong!

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