Sunday, February 21, 2010

Korea - Day 2

Well...we went to bed early the night before (8:30ish) and we thought we would sleep in till 8:30am. We had a hard time going back to sleep at 1:30am. Sigh. Oh well..we did manage to go back to sleep and woke up at 7. hahah  The morning started off well, we got ready and had a small breakfast at the apartment and then went down the street to our Starbucks.  Then we were off.  
Our first stop was to see the Changdeok-gung Palace.  Our first touristy stop. I mean that we actually had a guided tour around the palace grounds.  There were many opportunities to take pictures.  The grounds itself and architecture were stunning.  Even though the walkways were muddy from the melting snow, we still had a great time walking around.  It was another gorgeous day in Seoul. 
From there we went back to the quaint little street by the Gyeongbok-gung Palace.  We ate at this cute restaurant that had an “all inclusive” menu.  Our meals included hot tea, a soft drink and a dessert with our meal.  It was great!  We loved the atmosphere and the washrooms were a highlight.  The toilets had so many gadgets that we didn’t know what button to press to flush! hahaha  But our butts were pretty cozy with the seat warmer.  After the excitement from the washroom we decided to go visit a Buddhist temple.
We walked along Insadong which was a pedestrian area.  The lanes were full people and vendors selling many Korean crafts and souvenirs.  From the street, we turned off and headed towards Jogyesa Temple. It is the largest buddhist temple in Seoul and was built in 1938.  Inside there were 3 giant Buddha’s about 30 feet tall or taller. We were able to witness prayers and took a moment to reflect.  Then we walked over and made some prayer offerings for family and friends.  I think Martin was truly touched by this experience.  No Dalai Lama sightings though. ;0)
After that we found a really cute Italian restaurant (that played a Disney soundtrack in the back).  It was called Casa Agio. It was the most authentic looking restaurant that we have ever seen.  We ordered a bottle of wine and had a thin crust pizza as appetizer.  It was yummy!  We then set out back on Insadong and to the end of the street.  We hoped back on the subway and headed home. 
 It’s now 7:30 and my mind keeps wondering to the fact that we are going to see Olivia tomorrow.  Both Martin and are pretty excited but anxious.  How is she going to react?  Will she love us as much as we love her?  How can we meet her tomorrow and not bring her home at that moment?  
We will tell you how it goes tomorrow. For now...good night!


  1. You must be beside yourselves with anticipation!! The day you have waited for for so long is right around the corner!!

    I'll be thinking of you and sending positive energy your way! I hope the moment is everything you have been waiting for! She doesn't know it yet, but she will figure it out pretty fast... she is one lucky girl and her mommy and daddy love her so much!!!

  2. amazing honey!
    good luck!!! she defenitely has to feel your love, but don't feel dissapointed no matter what, she will be yours soon and she will love you as much and even more!! love ya! congrats to your husband! xoxoxo lorena and family