Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Welcome to Parenthood! Part 1

Well...yesterday was our "gotcha" day.  Couldn't write yesterday because..holy moly. What a day!  Olivia is sleeping now. She went to bed around 10:ish and woke up around 6:00am. Then she down for an extra long nap.  What an exhausting day AND night for all us, I"m not surprised that she's sleeping this long. Martin keeps telling me to check if she's breathing. hahahahh the bottom is a recount of yesterday's "process".

In the morning, we woke up early (as usual) and went for a walk again to get mentally prepared for the day.  We were super excited but anxious to see how Olivia holds up from the separation from her foster family.  We came back to the apartment and got ready around 9:15ish.  Collected the grandparents at 9:30 from their room.  I am sure that Ms.Bang had said 10:40, 1st floor of the guest house.  But when we got downstairs, no Ms. Bang so they called her down.  She arrived quickly as her office is only next door. She told us that Olivia and foster family were already in next door. But she wanted to bring us to where Olivia was born. Upstairs on the 3rd floor was the "baby reception center".  Here was the nursery Olivia was placed soon after she was born.  We quietly entered the baby nursery to find a room of newborns on one side and infants on the other.  The nurses were all going around their cribs either feeing, changing diapers, or playing. It was such a special place.  Then, Ms. Bang asked if we were ready.  We headed back downstairs and went across to the building.  When we walked into the building there was foster mother (FM) and foster dad waiting in the lobby. There was our little Olivia wondering what the heck was going on.  Little did she know that this would be the last time she would see her foster family and she would be part of our family from now on.  Breathe.

Ms. Bang ordered them to go see the doctor in the office for a check up and final report and we preceded upstairs to wait for them.  Upstairs she took us to a room and handed all the paper work that needed to be done.  She handed us a report of what she collected from the foster mother that day when we first met.  She handed us the immigration papers, visa, and passport (which is the cutest passport ever!).  Then in walked FM with Olivia.  She quickly set her down of the coffee table and we started to play with her.  FM had brought all the things she promised to us on that first day. Food, bottles, and snacks. She also gave back the things we gave Olivia at Christmas and she put in some of Olivia's favourite toys.  Then Ms. Bang asked us if there were any questions.  Nothing. I didn't know what else to say.  Ms. Bang then told us that IF she because really upset then Olivia would love to take baths.  She needed to sleep when she got to the apartment. I sensed her and FM distress about Olivia's situation.  They loved her so much and I think they anticipated the negative reaction when Olivia realizes that FM would not be there.  I'll tell you know...they were right.  They were right that Olivia would have a hard time.

Anyways..after the discussion, Ms. Bang introduced us to the director who handed us a small gift from the SWS. A small jewellery box.  Something to put in her memory box for sure.  We all gave hugs and then she said "It is time to go to the elevator". I heard about the dreaded elevator scene and it lived up to it's hype.  This was where we FM had to say her goodbyes to Olivia.  I carried her over to the elevator, passed Olivia to Martin and hugged and thanked FM. I waved to FD in the back (he was crying too).  We stepped into the elevator and the door closed and we watched FM crying and waving goodbye.  UGH.  Just thinking about it...ugh.


  1. Good luck! I am sure you both are getting into the swing of parenthood just fine.

  2. I started to write something and then erased it. There is nothing I can say that will make this time easier for you or Olivia. Be strong, hold her tight and breathe!

    hugs and waiting anxiously to hear all about it... when you are ready!!

    You are doing great!! See... you guys were made for this!!


  3. I know, it's so hard. Our kids are so resilient though; she'll be OK! And FM/FD will too. You can always mail them letters and pics and who knows? Maybe one day you'll do a homeland trip and go back for a visit. You guys know the drill - you're doing awesome!!