Saturday, February 27, 2010

On our way home - The Airport

We arrived at the airport, and Olivia knew. She quickly woke up and we searched for the check in counter.  It was so busy.  Martin walked around with Olivia as we were waiting in line. Thank goodness we bought an umbrella stroller.  As we got to the counter, the lady informed us.  NO more bassinets on the plane. The plane was full.  Hmm...that should be interesting.

We checked in and walked through the security check.  Then it was time for dinner.  We had some dinner.  Then at the airport we let Olivia let loose in the kid's area.  Let's tire her out before she gets on the plane.  She had a great time rolling around and playing with her toys.  She would roll from one end to the other side.  It was funny because as a new parent they protective part kicked in. There were kids running around and screaming.  I formed a somewhat a barrier so they kids don't topple over her.  Martin was ready to scold the other kids to be careful. hahahha

Then it was time to board.  12 hours and 40 minutes.   Well what can I say?  The flight was interesting.  It started off really well.  We got her distracted. She had some of her bottle (I practically forced it because I was so worried about her ears, but she was fine.)  Then we took out the toys and we played. Thankfully, the flight attendant had moved the person who was supposed to be in our row to another seat, so we had some space.  THANK YOU!   We had some dinner and then lights out. 

She wanted to go to bed, but again was not familiar with her surroundings so she put up a bit of a fuss.  Finally she went down. We put her in the middle of us, and we were able to take a "short" nap.  Another mother walked by with her fussy screaming baby...Olivia woke up.  Argh! She was startled and was unconsolable. I had to move to the middle section where the attendants were working. Poor thing.  The flight attendants tried as well, but it was no help. Actually it made it worse. Sigh.  What made it more difficult was the flight attendents who were really trying to help and were fabulous wanted to pick her up and take care of her.  That wasn't going to happen.  I felt bad because they only wanted to help me and Olivia.  They saw that both of us were really tired, but I needed to take care of Olivia.  She needed me to be the one to hold her. This went on for a good 45 minutes.  Finally I found a corner where was no distraction and she fell asleep.  Went back to our seat sand she slept in my arms for about another hour or two.    However, she would occasionally wake up and had to go straight to the back of the plane to console her.  In the last 3 hours of the trip, she was amazing.  Laughing and playing. We finally landed in Toronto.  We were in Canada.  Phew.

We happily went through customs and immigration.  With a final stamp, Olivia was now a Canadian resident.  Thursday, February 25th, 2010.  We got a "Welcome to Canada" package and we were on our way.

We saw Lola and Lolo, and Tita Melissa, Tita Rowie and Ethan at the airport.  She was in a super good mood.  Unfortunately, our baggage made us more delayed and the ticketing at Terminal 1 was infuriating.  They only got to see her for about 10 minutes.  Oh well...they'll have more time with her later.  We got through to our gate finally. Everyone was tired.  She had a good flight back and it was only when we landed and waiting on the tarmac for 45 minutes that she got fussy.  We can only imagine how tired she was.  We didn't even get to get the "Ottawa photo" in the airport because of the delay.  Anyways...

We finally got our baggage (sans walker) and put on her snowsuit.  We went to the car, strapped her in and we were on our way home.  Exhausted, grumpy, hungry, and absolutely happy.  She's really home.  She's really ours.  We're really parents.

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  1. Welcome home guys!!!! Now the real fun begins!! *grin*