Sunday, February 21, 2010

Marty's take---early morning

Well, when people told me that I would have some lack of sleep now with Olivia...I didn't expect to be before I actually meet her!
Last night was the type of night I have before I travel to a race. Twisting and turning, thinking, mentally rehearsing, and of course the little sleep you get, you dream about it!
Good thing I'm married to my soul sate, because...she ended being awake too!

Today is the morning of the first time I will meet our long awaited daughter.....even if I know this will be difficult for her, I just feel like a groupie!!!
I never felt so nervous in my life, you know when your around some famous people, they don't really pay attention to you, but your there and you feel privileged and excited to be there.

Baby O, thank you for letting us in after your first 8 months of your life, and now moving forward I will like to make you the same promise I made your mommy the day we got married,
Love and fun.....where there's Love there's fun...and as long as we have fun,  everything will be ok.

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