Saturday, February 27, 2010

Parenthood - Part 2

Okay..went to go check up on her and she's still sleeping. We are going on 1 hour and a half nap.  Poor thing. Ugh..I hope she will be able to sleep on the plane. ANyways...I'll worry about that later.  Right now, we are all packed. Martin and M. Savard went to TOYSRUS. ahhahaha  We realized that we are missing a couple of toys.  Also, we are going to buy one of those walker thingys and we'll see if Martin comes back with another umbrella stroller. hahahhaha


Sooo..we said our heartbreaking heart-aching goodbyes.  Then she was ours. We walked back to the apartment and stared our family life together.  FM said that she needed a nap so we got some formula ready.  Actually there were a few attempts at it. While she was being distracted I tried to do the formula.  Too hot. Had to wait.  Slowly, Olivia was more aware that this was a different apartment from what she's used to.  Then she began to look left and right. Where was Omma?  Then the tears. We tried to distract her again with snacks (as bribes ahhah) and toys.  Then...screams. She was not a happy camper.  We carried her and rocked her, nothing was going to comfort her.  Bottle was ready...maybe she was hungry?  She refused.  She refused to do anything with us except cry.  It really was sad. But thank goodness Martin and I expected it. We knew this was going to be hard for her. We checked with each other.  "Are you okay?"  "Yup... you?"  "Yup".  She had such an attachment with the foster family and on top of that she was weary of strangers (maybe because of the doctor visits?).  The crying and screaming lasted for about 1 hour.  We were going to be okay.

We took Ms. Bang's advice and gave her a bath. She loved it. She loves water. Martin is happy about that :0).  The bath lasted about 15 minutes.  She was fighting her exhaustion and finally she let go.  Then she went for a nap. Which of course didn't last long. Maybe 30 minutes.  We tried her on the formula, she didn't take it.  Ugh..what were we doing wrong.

Thank goodness we went to one of those Adopttalk workshops that said, that this was Olivia's was of being in distress and anxious.  All kids go through it. Be patient.  Go with the flow.  Okayyyyyy.  Sure enough she played for a bit sitting on the couch, laughing, and babbling.  Her nose was runny, and she was gnawing on the toys. Sigh....she's teething.  This should be interesting.  She did eventually eat and had a bottle of formula.  Grandparents thankfully brought over dinner because we didn't have a chance to get out.  Pizza and McDonalds. Take out is great!

Because of total exhaustion, our little angel fell asleep. A wonderful 11 - 6:45 hour sleep.  She did wake up at around for a bottle, but had no problems going back to bed.  She woke up in a better mood.  She had some cereal and a bottle.  YAY!  After playing for a bit, she went down for a nap at around 9. - 12.   Daddy went with Grandpapa to Lotte World to buy more toys for a trip.  (Daddy came back home with more than toys...sigh).  Grandmama came over to the apartment to keep me company while I packed and waited for her to wake up.  (Started to blog this while she was sleeping).  I guess that's what I have to do now on. hahaha.  Do my stuff while she's sleeping.

Daddy came home and Olivia woke up around 1ish. She had a great lunch.  Grandparents came back with lunch. McDonalds.  YAY!  Did I mention that they were awesome.  After our lunch, we started to get ready and Olivia went down for a nap at around 3.  Yikes...our taxi was to come at around 4.  What can you do? 

Olivia woke up at around 3:30. Well..we kind of made some noise so that she would wake up.  Not a great decision.  We tried to make it up to her by giving her a bath.  Then we changed her to get ready.  Not really happy.  But we made it downstairs. She was being really fussy, and I think it's because we kind of rushed her out of there.   Ms. Bang was downstairs waiting for us to say good bye.  It's too bad she didn't see Olivia in her better moods.    Olivia's teeth were bothering her and she didn't like being in the Beco.

We said our goodbyes. I think she was worried, but I will email her and give her an update to tell her that she is settling well.  Once in the car, Olivia fell asleep on the way to the airport.  Sigh.  We were going home.

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