Friday, February 26, 2010

Marty's take....quick update

Hey Everyone, both of my girlfriends are sleeping now, and taking 5 minutes of my work day to give you a brief update.
The return trip was quite an ordeal, ...meaning the Toronto-Ottawa leg...took us 6 hours before getting home last night at 3AM instead of 11. (+lost of luggage)
I am always amaze, how, when there is a little snow, how unprepared city's and airport we are living in California...anyway!!!

Mel should be able to be back on-line to go over the last couple of days...(updates, do's and don't  and lesson learned for all of our friend that are awaiting to visit Korea in the next few months. )

Mel is so awesome!!!! and I think Olivia learned that to!
Olivia is doing good...a little bit confuse sometime of her surrounding, but that smile is even better live!
She is eating well, (you shouldn't be surprise!! haha) extremely playful, and quite a flirt!..

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