Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Travel News! WOOHOO!

Of course we would get travel news today!  The Vancouver 2010 Olympics start this week, it's Valentines' day weekend, it's our 10 year anniversary, Martin's parents are in Europe, dad just came home from the hospital, and we met up with the Papps-Csatari and Rollins Family on the weekend. 

We got the call 9am Tuesday morning. Our LONO was sent December 14th.  Waiting time to travel was approximately 8 weeks.  During the period of the LONO being sent and travel notice, we received another set of pictures and a DVD of Olivia. 
I was in class and was asked to get a call from the Martin in the office.  Had no idea it would be a travel call, because we had spoken to Maria the Sunday night before and she said travel notice would most likely be NEXT week.  Somebody up there knew we needed to get to Korea and pick her up.  It was time.'s up to Brenda at CB to find a flight for us and then we go.  We'll fill you in with the details soon.  I guess we have to put in the car seat now.  It was the only thing that was still in a box.  ;0p

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  1. Yahoo! I am so thrilled for you and Martin and Olivia! I can't imagine what the wait has been like and I'm sure once you hold her it will be a distant memory. More tears of joy for you all! xoxo Katie