Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dear Mich

Today is my best friend Mich's birthday (December 6th). Yes, the big old 36 (sorry Mich!). I have know Mich since grade 9 and we instantly connected especially since she found my long lost bike chain. :0)

Even our parents became friends and soon we were on family vacations together and now we're just like family. Now at 36, she is the mother of 2 beautiful babies - Bella and Jake. In October, Mich urged me to go with her to the Toronto Baby Show. I had just been in TO the week before and really didn't feel like going back the following weekend. I was bushed. However, my wonderful husband reminded me that this was the time to go and check out stuff for the baby. I hate to say it, but the one in Ottawa was pretty lame. So, my parents got me a plane ticket with their points and I flew to TO instead of driving. That was awesome.

Anyways, my blog today is a letter I composed on the plane on my return back to Ottawa. It's sort of an "Ode to Mich". I was going to put it in a letter and send it to her, but instead I wanted everyone to know what a special friend she is and how much she means to me.

"Dear Mich,

I'm sitting on the plane, just thinking about the stuff I bought this weekend and I'm getting pretty excited. HOLY CRAP I GOT A STROLLER! There is a chance that I might have to wait another 6 months to use it, but I don't care. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your continued support in our journey. What a journey we've both been on from adolescent to adulthood to parenthood. I remember almost a year ago that we were at the spa "doing our thing" in between spa treatments! How insane is that.

You've been my biggest fan, supporter, and confidant. You're excitement about this adoption got me through some tough times. There were times where I didn't want to think about the process because I was afraid to be disappointed. But you were there, "'s going to happen. You're going to be a mom! You better start shopping!" hahahhahah

Our daily "chats" just knowing that you are there for me, I feel so ever blessed. Just being with you and the babies on Saturday got me excited about the possibility of becoming a parent very soon (plus all the freebies ..heheheh). Something we both prayed and prayed for to happen. Faith and hope brought us here and together we face another journey as parents. How exciting!

Thank you for being my "soul" sister,
Mel "

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    "soul" sister - that is way too kind and wayyy too much credit than i really deserve! for every bit of support i've given you, you've returned right back at me tenfold so I am sending all the gratitude right back at ya!

    In the understatement of the year, Olivia is a VERY LUCKY girl to have a mommy and daddy who love her so much!

    I can't wait for this new Provato family to be hanging out with the new Savard family :) Soon!!!!!!!!

    p.s. NOT NICE to post my age and all our pics! ;)