Thursday, December 3, 2009

Olivia's Room - Sans furniture

Here's the final pictures without the furniture, window dressings, and wall decor.
Below is also a HUMONGOUS sheep that Martin bought for me (us). I was eyeing it at the store and I came home one day and there he was. Olivia is going to love it! We plan to use it in a picture book. For that we need a name. Any suggestions? Martin wants to go with "KONA". Hmmmmmmm I wonder why?
Above you can see the light fixture we bought from Home Depot. The 2 hour installation made us late for the Korean Adoptee Christmas Party. We not so good with electrical "affordable" products (and IKEA products). it is. Next update, hopefully will be with furniture. If only they stop recalling the ones we want. :0)


  1. Hello Mel,

    It's me Eve! I just received the email from Martin telling us the amazing news! I'm so, so, so happy for you guys! You deserve more than anyone else on this earth hahahahahaha! Her room is beautiful and I love Olivisa's name WOW! Do you have picture of her?

    One last thing, the president of the compagny I work for and his wife adopted 2 times, Mika-Anne 8 years ago and Sacha last year. If you have questions I know she would be more than happy to answers all your questions, she had a blog too.

    So if you want I can put you in contact with her it will be more than a pleasure!

    I hope to see you soon the 3 of you!

    Eve xxxx

  2. Nice fixture! Nice Job're getting goof! oups...good

  3. ''gagagagaga'' Mélodie said when she heard the news

    ''Audrey, Audrey, ma cousine Audrey???'' Nicolas said when we told him that he will have a little cousin soon. He is excited to have a new member in the family.

    Olivia will be loved by her mother and father so much!

    Nos canadiens font dur 0-3 contre Buffalo apres 1.

  4. It looks beautiful! Well done. Soon you'll be the hot must have nursery on "rate my room"
    Olivia is a loved and lucky little girl.