Thursday, December 10, 2009

Marty 2nd attempt to blog!!

Well, here we are, December 10, 2 weeks before Christmas, which came early for us this year.
After years of struggle trying to build our family, and hoping to fill our house with laughter, cries and joy….. 2009 became one memorable year with Olivia’s referral.
It took us a long time to get there, but the cliché is right! All good things are difficult to get.
After all these year, I couldn’t believe that one of the simple things I apply to my career would resonate in my personal life; Failure=opportunity

As for most adoptive parent, adoption originally came to us has an alternative way to build a family.
Looking back, I understand that there was a process that we both needed to go through.
Men and women deal differently with challenges/failure, and quite frankly in my case I could have not get through this without my soul mate.
All those failure, I now see them as the original building blocks for our family.
This process allowed us to be at peace with ourselves and ready as we move forward with our life and await the arrival of Olivia. I new path has been define, and we are blessed to be part of it.
If you didn't know, when your start the adoption process, it is not recommended to get pregnant, since this will abruptly stop the process and application will be refused.
This is why during this process we decided to stop “trying”, since we strongly felt that if we where to get pregnant, we would then lose our first child by not being able to adopt.

For people who know me, you know I am more a spiritual person then a religious one, but with everything that has happens and the timing of it..someone, somewhere is clearly pushing favors!
As we look forward to the next few moths, waiting to finally meet our baby girl, I can’t stop thinking on how she has already changed us.
I know, once we see her for the first time,the joy and the love we have for her, will not be shared ...(and probably a few days after that too…..) but as she grow older, we will always make sure she remember how much she touched us the first time we saw her picture and the first time we hugged her.

Most people, when they learn that we are adopting, are immediately praising us, telling us how brave we are and how much of a good thing we are doing for that child, but little do you know that the brave person in all this is Olivia.
In fact, she is the one saving us, by allowing us to share her world, to let us love her, care for her and be part of her life journey….that as already started, 6 month before we came about!
Can’t wait to see you baby girl.


  1. Okay, you made me cry, too!

    You are all so lucky! Olivia is blessed to have 2 parents that love her so completely and you for finding your way to her. It was meant to be!

  2. I'm so touched by your post. You will be such wonderful parents to Olivia and I can't wait to keep reading about your journey.

  3. Les canadiens vont mal en maudit, pis Tiger est (ou a déjà été(!)) dans marde, mais on s'en fou, Olivia va etre la plus jeune de la famille Savard et on a bien hâte de la voir.