Sunday, December 6, 2009


So, to anyone who has gone through the adoption process or is going through the process, filling out forms should be a piece of cake because we've done so much. Except for me.
I get sooo stressed out filling out these forms, making sure it's grammatically correct, it makes sense, etc. Then...there are the government forms!!! I hate those ones the most. Why? Because they say...if they are not filled out properly or in detail it will be returned back to you and it "might" delay the process. UGH! Being in this process, you know timing is everything. So making sure it's correctly filled out and writing in the proper boxes is stressful. If I make a mistake, can I use white out? Why don't they have a 24 hour help hotline? I'm praying that we filled out the "finalizing" documents properly. I guess "it is what it is". One closer step to getting Olivia home.

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