Friday, December 18, 2009

What a week...another step closer

Busy week.. It was the last week of school before the school holidays. With the Christmas excitement and the freezing temperatures, it was hard for the kids (and the teachers to focus). One teacher in particular of course. We got our Letter of No Objection (LONO) from the government on Monday. Woohoo! Why would they object? :0) That meant final file sent to Korea and now we wait for a travel call. Can this really be happening?

Then we mailed our Christmas package to Olivia. Have been tracking it since we mailed and it looks like the SWS received it this morning. YAY! Oh my a few just hit me...she's going to look at those pictures and they are going to tell her that's "mommy and daddy". She's going to study what we look like, she's going to hear our voices for the first time from the teddy bear. She's going to touch the blanket that I cuddled for so long before putting it in the box. She's going to smell the small blankie that was kept in our bed so she could smell our scent. We had ask that the foster family to start calling her Olivia so the transition would be smooth. She'll be hearing her "canadian" name for the first time. Thinking about it now...we are connecting with her in so many ways. It's no wonder by the end of this week, our hearts are achy because we miss her so much. The sense of touch. Soon.

This week instead of getting gifts for Christmas from friends, I was getting small gifts for Olivia. It was so very exciting. My friends are coming up to me and asking me about a baby shower. It's all surreal. A baby shower for me?

With every gift, with every purchase we do for Olivia, it's starting to feel more real than just a dream. We are getting closer to getting Olivia in our arms, but she is already in our hearts.

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