Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Package sent to Olivia!

It's been 2 weeks since we found about our little Olivia. Last week we finally finished all the paper work we needed to do and the next step was to focus on what to get our daughter for Christmas. Her first Christmas. The minute we got the okay from Maria to send something to Foster Mother...I was on it. Actually I have been collecting for awhile, not knowing who I would be sending it to or when.

So what to send???? Ugh...I would have sent the moon if I could pack it! hahahhaa
Everything changed when Martin told me he was going to FedEx it. That meant weight and cost limitations. :0( I kind of packed a little bit too much. I wanted to make sure she had everything and spoil her a bit. For goodness sake, we were not going to be there for Christmas!
So on the weekend, me and Martin made a list of things that were "essential" to be put in the package. sigh. My 8 board books were out! At least Olivia got 1.

In the package we sent:
  • A Build-A-Bear - argued about which animal to choose. He wanted penguin...I wanted pony. We settled on a bear, which we named KONA (sigh). In his paws we recorded our voices telling her how much we loved her. ("Hello Olivia, It's mommy, I love you!", "Allo Olivia, c'est Papa, Je t'aime!")
  • Board Book - "ABC Canada" - There were so many others to choose from, but it was cute and colourful and "educational". hehehe I'll bring the other 8 on the plane.
  • some onesies (size 9 months and 12 months - just is case). There were others that I bought but decided on the 2. Costco is great!
  • a beautiful blankie - I kind of splurged on this one. But hey..it's my little girl and it's Christmas!
  • Baby Photo Album book - soft book with our pictures. We read the story..doesn't make sense..hahah..but who cares she's just going to look at the pictures. :0) We were going to do another photo album of her big stuff lamb placed in different rooms of the house. This was to help her with the transition when she came home. The idea was that by looking at the pictures of the rooms with her lamb, she would feel more comfortable and at ease when she came home because it was familiar. I might take this on the plane too. :0)
  • DVD - Baby Einstein - What can I say...I'm a teacher! It weighs nothing.
  • A rattle - given from a friend at work. There was supposed to be another stuff rabbit (oh so soft and pink!), but didn't have room in the box. Sorry Trish, but I will take in on the plane with me.
  • A "Sophie" the giraffe small blankie - everyone needs a "Sophie"
  • 2 disposable cameras. I know only 2! I hope they don't take her pictures in a day. ahhah
  • Finally, a gift for foster brother and sister. ROOTS products of course.

We decided to wait for a gift for foster mom and foster dad when we arrive. As well as getting as gift for the social worker. That might take some time to find. We did include a letter to them expressing our sincere gratitude for making sure Olivia is being taken care of. Just the thought of it now, I could have written pages thanking them over and over. We can't wait to meet them.

So in the end our package was finally ready to be mailed. We wanted to send it to her before Christmas, hence the "need" for FedEx. Unfortunately, it cost us about $200 to send it to her. All worth it, but might not send a second package then. After all, we might be there in a few weeks. :0)

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  1. I am enjoying reading your blog. I hope you travel soon!