Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Olivia's First Gifts

The day we found out about Olivia we ran out of work and didn't look back. What I didn't know, while we were running around getting papers looked at and signed, friends came together and made a surprise that I will never forget.

You know who you were there every step of the way of our journey and for that I thank you and will always be grateful that you were part of our special day. I can't wait for you to meet Olivia and she can thank you personally. Maybe with a slobbery kiss. ahahah :0)

Sens jersey was given to Martin as a birthday gift. Daddy will have some convincing to do with Olivia. She might be a Sens Fan!
On the right, were gifts given to me on my first day back from finding out. Friends managed to put all of these things on my desk. :0) It took me awhile to get to my classroom because I was talking to people in the hallway. It wasn't until Steph told me to turn around and look at my desk. What a surprise! I had to put in the another room before the kids came in. I didn't feel like explaining it to them yet. hahahah "What do you mean you're having a baby?"
Finally these onesies are the first purchase I ever made for "the baby". I bought these back in August when Martin came back from Ironman Canada. I couldn't resist. That's all daddy needs, his little girl waiting for him at the finish line.

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