Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nursery Vision

 know when you have a vision and you're not sure how to go ahead with that plan? Well, I told Martin my vision and he made it happen. Not by himself of course, and we did question his "ways". But he did good.

In the beginning, it was a girlie girl room. It was so pretty with it's fancy white picket fence and beautiful flower stencils. In the corner of the room there was a phrase "Sophie's a gardenin". Totally cute. Great window dressing that matched the colour of the room. We kept it for a long time because it was so beautifully done. Most people know that it was my room. My "store" of Bath and Body products and my teacher collection of books. It was perfect girl's room. Sorry no "before" picture.
Why change?

Yes, Martin did entertain the thought about keeping the room. He tried to convince me about how hard it would recreate such a room. He tried to convince me that we could name our baby "Sophie" and it would be perfect. Well..what if we didn't get a girl. Then what.

Bottom line was...I wanted a new room. A room that we put our love and hard work in. A room that we envisioned our little one sleeping in (hopefully) and playing in. A room that said "This room belongs to ____". And we got that room. It has all the things that we wanted for a nursery. Thanks Hans! hahahhaha

Poor Martin he executed the plan perfectly. He just became however, a bystander in the construction of the room. Power saws and nail guns a little scary if you don't know what you are doing. Here's a preview of what went down. :0)
Final product coming. :0)

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